Simple squat lobsters


  • 7-8 squat lobsters per person


  • Bring a pot of water to the boil
  • Add the squat lobster and return to the boil
  • Remove from the heat and rinse the squat lobsters under cold water.
  • Either serve immediately or chill and serve the same day.

Being able to chill the cooked squatties and serve them later makes this ideal for a simple but tasty dinner party. You can add mayonnaise or other dips as an accompaniment.

Squat lobsters are sweeter than most other crustaceans. Their tails are also juicy and bite-sized. They make a nice, easy starter, or a relaxed main course and they go very well with drinks.

If you can be bothered, you can break over the claws of some of the larger ones and tease out the little slivers of meat inside. It’s very tasty, and there is something very satisfying about getting as much out of each one as possible.

Squatties are an ideal tapas-style snack with drinks. If you can get over the fiddly-ness of eating them, and maybe have a napkin and/or finger bowl nearby, it is really leisurely to just sit around a table with friends and family and nibble away with drinks.

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