Seaweed chutney and oatcakes

Seaweed chutney with oatcakes is a simple dish using only two ingredients. It’s really tasty and takes seconds to prepare.


  • Sweet or spicy seaweed chutney from Isle of Mull Seaweed
  • Oatcakes (small ones if this is for canapes, large for a starter or snack)


  • If you’re making canapes, spread a little chutney on each oatcake and serve on plates.
  • If you’re serving this as a starter or a snack, you can either spread the chutney over the larger oatcakes as well, or serve the chutney on the side, perhaps with some salad.
  • When the chutney is spread on an oatcake you want at least 3-5mm of chutney to really savour the flavour.

Given that both oatcakes and chutney have a good shelf-life this is perfect as something sophisticated that you can throw together in a hurry if you have unexpected guests – remember having them before covid-19?

It goes very well with alcohol – light lagers and mild ales are a particularly good match for the complex umami-tang combination of the chutney but it goes nicely with white wine, prosecco, cider, gin and whisky as well.

It can also make a tasty and unusual addition to a packed lunch or cheese platter.

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